What is SprintForce? We are primarily a Masters sprint based training group, but we also cater for those who run 800m and 1500m. Athletes range from teenagers to masters athletes. Beach sprinters and beach flags runners are also part of the squad. The aim of the squad is to teach correct running technique, improve athletes
Ben Griffith
I’m what is termed a ‘young’ master and have come back to sprinting after a 15 year absence, since my high school.  I race the 60m, 100m and my preferred distance the 200m.  Last year I ran PB’s in the 100m and 200m and won the NSW Masters State Title in both events. I enjoy
David Shearsby
After taking a long break from sprinting after my school years I started beach sprinting with my local surf club on the Northern Beaches around 10 years ago. This led me into Masters Athletics and I have now been competing in 60m, 100m, 200m and 400m sprint events on the track for 3 years. I
Mick Dal
I have always been into fitness, completing my personal training Certificate in 1999. I played rugby league until 1993 and then started triathlons from sprint to half iron man.  This then led to ultra marathons! In 2011 I went to the local athletic track to race in a 3km event, It was then where I
Manly Daily – Crombie leads Masters charge
  Crombie leads Masters charge Andrew Prentice Manly Daily 28 Oct 2016 THE evergreen Peter Crombie is one of the star attractions at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Perth. Action began on Wednesday, with the peninsula represented by 12 athletes in track and field. Zuzana Pastuskova got the ball rolling…read more… ©2003-2015 NewspaperDirect Inc.
Amy Smith
About a year after the birth of my third son, I started sprint training again.  Having played high level Netball for many years this was the first time I had ran since my High School days. My biggest achievement so far has been winning my first Australian Title in the W35-39 100m and the 4
Richard Wood
I have always had a love of running. As a teenager I ran for my school Newington College in the GPS competition and after school for The Western suburbs Athletics Club on the Cinders track at E S Marks Field. My distances were 100 200 and 400m. After a 40 year absence, having been a busy
Katie Williams
Katie is the freshest face in Australian health and fitness, an athlete, dedicated to her training and professionalism. One of the country’s leading beach sprinters and flaggers, Katie has won 6 gold medals at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships and has successfully made the transition from an outstanding junior athlete to senior ranks.  Her biggest
Phased Training
SprintForce has a structured approach to running on the track, this approach is specifically adapted to your event, ‘training age’, fitness and level of commitment.  For example if you are returning to running after a lay off or injury we modify your training load. When athletes first join the SprintForce squad they spend the first
Marge Allison
Marge has been an outstanding competitor in Masters athletics for over thirty years.  In that time she has competed in nearly every event from the sprints to 800m, long and short hurdles, long and high jump, relays, multi-events and a marathon. In all these events Marge has set numerous records at World, Oceania, National and State levels.  Following
Drills, most of us do them as a part of our warm up, but have you stopped to think about how you are executing them? We all know the importance of the warm up and it’s function that’s why most of us complete a dynamic warm up as opposed to a 2 lap jog and
Dean Taylor
Dean has competed in masters athletics for about ten years after three decades of playing and coaching rugby. Through this time he has found his favourite events to be 200m sprint and 400m hurdles. Now he is also looking to improve in the 100m hurdles and long jump. This year his goal is to compete
Michael Bishop
Although a sprinter at high school, Michael spent 30 years training and competing in various martial arts before finding sprinting again at the age of 43.  His passion re-ignited, Michael has been an active and committed competitor ever since and will be competing at the World Masters Athletics Championships this year. Michael loves the training
Todd Delaney
Todd only started training on the track in early 2015 so that he could support his wife,  Janelle, in her preparation for the 2015 World Championship. He has now been bitten by the track bug and is competing himself – finishing a very creditable 4th and 6th in the 400m and 200m at his first Masters
Janelle Delaney
Janelle first competed in athletics as a 7 year old at Ku-ring-gai Little Athletics. She had a successful high school career winning several national 400m titles. She also won a NSW Open 400m title. After starting a family, she returned to the track in 2011 as a Masters athlete and reconnected with Peter Crombie who
Amanda Coombe
Born with 5% sight in her left eye and a never say die attitude, Amanda never let negative predictions get in the way of achieving her personal best. Amanda first competed in Masters competition in 1997, in middle distance events and has won several National and Masters Games titles over 800m. Having 39 years of
Peter Crombie
Peter first competed in Masters competition in 1980, initially in multiple events but over a period transitioned to become a world class sprinter. In his first world championships in 1987 in Melbourne he emerged with 3 gold medals. Since then he has gone on to win more medals in World Championships than any other male
Low Carb, High Protein
by Amanda Coombe & Andy Gibbons Low Carb, high protein WINS OUT Ever since I can recall I have adopted a high carbohydrate/low fat/low GI and count your calories approach to weight loss.  Over the past few years I have began to question this. For many this approach wasn’t successful, even following a calorie intake
How to run faster
HOW TO RUN FASTER by Peak Performance (http://www.pponline.co.uk/encyc/0142.htm) IMPROVE YOUR RUNNING FORM If you are going to make alterations in your form in order to run faster, those changes must lead to either a quickening or elongation of your strides. If your stepping is neither faster nor longer, your form make-over may make you look
Bicarbonate Soda and Buffering
Bicarbonate Soda and Buffering by Peter Crombie As the track season approaches the volume of athletes using the track increases significantly, particularly at peak training times.  Below are 2 x articles in respect to sodium bi-carbonate. It is a proven and legal way to improve performance. The events most suited are 400M/800M/1500M. The main side