Low Carb, High Protein

by Amanda Coombe & Andy Gibbons Low Carb, high protein WINS OUT Ever since I can recall I have adopted a high carbohydrate/low fat/low GI and count your calories approach to weight loss.  Over the past few years I have began to question this. For many this approach wasn’t successful, even following a calorie intake

Bicarbonate Soda and Buffering

Bicarbonate Soda and Buffering by Peter Crombie As the track season approaches the volume of athletes using the track increases significantly, particularly at peak training times.  Below are 2 x articles in respect to sodium bi-carbonate. It is a proven and legal way to improve performance. The events most suited are 400M/800M/1500M. The main side

Post-Workout Recovery Meals

Post-Workout Recovery Meals by Peak Performance Effect of exercise Exercising burns up amino acids, glucose, and glycogen stored in the muscles. Upon completion, your muscles are more receptive to accepting nutrients that would restore and repair levels found in the muscles. In the first 30 minutes post exercise Scientific studies show that consuming a carbohydrate/protein

Diet for the Master Athlete

Diet for the Master Athlete The Athlete’s Kitchen Copyright: Nancy Clark, MS, RD July 2003 www.nancyclarkrd.com Mastering Sports Nutrition: Tips for older athletes Hundred years ago, life expectancy was 42 years. Today, most of us will live twice as long. With age, we gain not only wrinkles and gray hair, but also wisdom, an appreciation for

The Nutritional Requirements for an Athlete

The Nutritional Requirements for an Athlete by Peak Performance As with any athletic performance, the health and nutrition of an athlete is all about decision making and making the right choice. Some choices are better than others but, overall, we want to make consistent good decisions more than bad ones. But just satisfying oneself with

Carbohydrate Metabolism

Carbohydrate Metabolism Cross Country Training by: Scott Christensen Understanding and following proper nutritional protocol is crucial to the success of any athlete.  Human cells require nutrients ingested from outside of the body to provide an energy platform for muscle contractions, amino acids for synthesizing a wide variety of protein-based components, and micro-nutrients that provide a

Hydration and Carbohydrate Replacement

Hydration and Carbohydrate Replacement Cross Country Training by: Scott Christensen While distance runners should be concerned about fluid replacement every day that they are in training, the summer heat puts these concerns at the top of the list.  Like so many issues in sport training there is no shortage of anecdotal information about hydration, and