Post-Workout Recovery Meals

Post-Workout Recovery Meals

by Peak Performance

Effect of exercise

Exercising burns up amino acids, glucose, and glycogen stored in the muscles. Upon completion, your muscles are more receptive to accepting nutrients that would restore and repair levels found in the muscles.

In the first 30 minutes post exercise

Scientific studies show that consuming a carbohydrate/protein supplement within 30 minutes of completing exercise increases the rate of muscle glycogen storage. Replacing your glycogen storage levels quickly allows your body to recuperate faster and recharge your fuel system for the next workout or event.
A post-workout supplement should contain around 50-100 grams of carbohydrates and approximately 30-50 grams of protein. A protein shake is an example of a great post-workout meal.
When you do not restore your fuel levels soon after the workout your muscle glycogen synthesis can be decreased by as much as 66%, which impairs their recovery time.
In the first two hours post exercise
A high carbohydrate/protein meal should be consumed within two hours of the workout. The meal further maximises the recovery of your muscles. The reason a meal should not be consumed immediately after the workout is that whole foods are digested much slower than liquid meals and can even lower the response of absorbing nutrients into the blood stream and muscles.


Mark Strasser MSCSCS
Strength & conditioning coach, USA