End of season recovery

End of season recovery It is important each year to have an adequate recovery from the hard training undertaken during the year. Running is an impact sport and as such takes considerably more time to recover than most other sports which do not have the amount of impact experienced by runners. Injuries are commonplace amongst

Indoor Running

US Indoors masters – Experiences highlighted by PC Firstly,congrats to Peter Crombie for his recent efforts in the U.S. indoors masters. I’m guessing from his results…  1.the indoors tracks are really responsive for the 60 metres  2.the 2 bends in the 200 are tough to negotiate if you are tall and/or inexperienced. 3.ditto the 400

Race Modeling

Race Modeling   T&F race Modeling by USATF Master Coach Tony Veney Race Modeling by USATF Master Coach Tony Veney The old expression: Doing the same thing and expecting different results being the definition of insanity does not apply to track and field if you follow one very slight change. “Doing the same thing every