Track Etiquette

by Amanda Coombe B.Ed(Hons)

As the track season approaches the volume of athletes using the track increases significantly, particularly at peak training times.  Generally there is sufficient space for all, it’s just that we can be spoilt at time by having the track to ourselves. However if we follow good track etiquette, training is more pleasant for all.

  • Always use the outside lanes for warming up fastlegsand walking to start the next reps. This not only leaves the inside lanes free for running, but also decreases wear and tear of the track.
  • Be mindful of others finishing their reps once you have finished yours and move away from the finish line.
  • When possible for shorter reps, runs in the middle or outside lanes, this leaves the inside lane for those running reps of a greater distance.
  • Be aware in general of others athletes and where they are running and avoid just standing in a lane when you are not running or recovering.
  • Move blocks and hurdles off the track once they have been used.
  • If you are training as part of a large group leave some lanes for other athletes to use.

If you are a coach it is a good idea to explain track etiquette to all new athletes and remind ‘returning’ athletes at the beginning of each season. Happy training!

by Amanda Coombe B.Ed(Hons)
Amanda is considered a national expert in personal training and corporate health programs having five times been a finalist in the Australian Personal Trainer of the Year award.  Amanda was a finalist in the National Telstra Women’s Business Owner of the Year in 2013.