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Phased Training

SprintForce has a structured approach to running on the track, this approach is specifically adapted to your event, ‘training age’, fitness and level of commitment.  For example if you are returning to running after a lay off or injury we modify your training load. When athletes first join the SprintForce squad they spend the first


Drills, most of us do them as a part of our warm up, but have you stopped to think about how you are executing them? We all know the importance of the warm up and it’s function that’s why most of us complete a dynamic warm up as opposed to a 2 lap jog and

Masters Sprint Drills

Masters Sprint Drills Sprinting drills help establish correct neuromuscular movement patterns. Performing drills as a regular part of your training routine will enforce a correct movement pattern for your muscles. The stride and rate will be entrenched into memory and should come naturally when racing. In the sprint training squad I am in we perform